Fall 2019

My experience as a landscape garden designer brought me to Columbus Circle in New London. I had volunteered to tend the garden for the day with my friend. It was here I found what I had been searching  for a longtime. The location of the mystery I had wanted to write! 
Roses, Wine & Murder - In the City of Steeples, is a story with high contrast between the peaceful wine regions by Long Island Sound, and New London, CT the tightly mottled city of grand architecture hence, City of Steeples. New London's labyrinth streets and unique history along the shore dates back hundreds of years.
 In this modern-day story, a murder of a wealthy wine connoisseur puts a spotlight on the multiple vineyards, the city, and the people who love them both. 

   The escapades of New London's characters: Roxanne and Georgi, Fire Chief Samson, Detective Morrison and Dr. Angela Storm will keep you entertained with humor and murderous intrigue in the City of Steeples!   

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Please visit my Facebook Author Page where I have more photos of the actual locations that inspired the story and the activities I embrace as a writer and researcher. 

 Author Notes: When I was in grade school, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's, Sherlock Holmes
fascinated me with his analytical methods utilizing intricate details to solve the crime before anyone else! I then enjoyed being scared by the intrigue of Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds, Rear indow and Psycho. In the 'Masterpiece Mystery' t.v. Agatha Christies characters,
Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, captured me with their unique personalities and wonderful ways of deduction.

Ye Antientist Burial Ground, New London, CT
  A good murder mystery novel is a thrilling puzzle, a labyrinth for the mind to figure out, What the bleep is going on! If you add in the unusual antics of the characters the drama comes alive. That is why as a reader, it's fun to try and solve a murder from the comfort of a soft chair.

  Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors. He adds the dimension of history, architecture, and a strong sense of place that draws us deep into the story, often as we race along a blood-stained trail. He knows how to hit the I can't put it down sweet-spot for me. I am inspired and only aspire to the level of his craft.

Research Note: My love of nature, photography, and writing allowed me to visit many locations I may not have. A wonderful surprise was the manicured beauty of the vineyards. As I photographed images to capture the ambiance of my story, I saw families picnicking and enjoying an afternoon snack. The parents shared a bottle of wine and the children sipped on lemonade and chased butterflies.

  Every vineyard I visited exhibited a partnership with nature. Hardworking men and women who turn a grape growing farming business into a beautiful elite adventure for their visitors. The result, a  stunning vineyard landscape where the fruit is lovingly cared for and placed in a bottle, to become wine. I inserted wine knowledge and food pairings into the story as well as plant and gardening tidbits which were all part of the characters expertise.
Please enjoy! Thank you, Rose